How Important is the Resurrection?

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The Resurrection – it? What does the resurrection of Christ mean to you? Most people center on the cross as the defining moment of Christ’s ministry, but without the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ the cross would be meaningless. If Jesus did not rise from the dead what hope would and I have? The answer is none. Jesus would be just another person who founded a faith that is lying in the grave but He isn’t because the resurrection proves whom Jesus is and also what he did for us.

The Resurrection – Proof That it was Possible and That It Did Happen Take the time to look up and read Matthew 28:1-8. Over the centuries these verses have been disputed and debated over as to whether the Resurrection of Jesus Christ could have actually taken place. The proof of the resurrection is there we just need to decide for ourselves if we are going to believe it or not. To start with I believe the empty tomb speaks for itself but if you need more proof here are just a few more facts that point to and proclaim the resurrection of Christ.
· His body was never displayed as proof that He was dead.
· The tomb was guarded and sealed and the soldiers would have been put to death if they had been overpowered and the body just taken. Yet the stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty.
· His disciples believed that He was dead and were genuinely astonished to see Him alive. Not the reaction of people who would have taken a body and hidden it somewhere. Also they were in hiding for their lives, which means they would not have ventured out to get the body for fear of being seen.
· There were a great many people who saw Jesus: The 12 disciples saw Him, 500 other people saw Him and there are other reported sightings of the resurrected Jesus. This cannot be written off as some mass illusion brought about by grief.
· God made sure the evidence of the resurrection was accurate and could not be refuted even t this day. The resurrection is accepted by many they just can’t explain the how. 

Now these are only a couple of reason for believing in the resurrection. I know most pf them have been disputed for one reason or another but no one has ever proved that Jesus did not rise from the dead. Also you figure since this is the key point in the Christian faith that if the Pharisee or Romans had proof Jesus was not resurrected they would have come forth and declared it to be a lie. 

Instead they tried to cover up the resurrection with a lie. The choice is your but as for me when you try to hide something from other people you are perpetuating the lie and the truth is what you are covering up. The Pharisees and Romans knew the truth and they did not like it so they tried to hide it. Also when you look at the evidence of the lives of the disciples, especially Paul who did a 180 degree turn from killing Christians to being one, they died because they witnessed the resurrection. How many people do you know that would die for a lie?

The Resurrection – The Importance of the Resurrection How important is the resurrection? That question can be answered by another question: what if Jesus was not resurrected?
Read 1 Corinthians 15:14-19 and you will see that Paul tells us that if there were no resurrection then Christ is still dead and if Christ is still dead then:
· Our preaching is useless
· Our faith is useless
· We are false witnesses and no more than liars
· We are still stuck in our sins
· Satan would still have victory over human souls
· There would be no church
· We would go to hell instead of Heaven
· Jesus would be like any other religious leader who is now dead, be it Buddha or Muhammad
· We would be worse off now than before because we would be deceiving ourselves into living an untrue life

Without the resurrection there would be no resurrection power and without resurrection power “the life I live in faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me” Galatians 2:20 would be a life lived in my own strength and my power and we all know how well life works when Christ is not in it. All you need to do is take a look at all the people around you who are living lives away from God to see what is happening to them. Life is empty and hollow without the resurrection.

The Resurrection – Some Final Questions
Have you ever been embarrassed to tell others that you believe in the Resurrection because you feel it would mean explaining to others about your faith as a Christian? 

When you look around at your family and friends what keeps you from telling them about the Resurrection of Christ and the importance is has to their life?

Do the people at your school or place of work notice a difference in you and the way you live because you are a Christian?

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