Fruits of the Spirit – Faithfulness

What is Faithfulness? – The Modern View
The world has a distorted view of faithfulness. This is evident in the way ad campaigns are run and products are sold. Being faithful in our society means to be true to ones self and our self interests. Faithfulness is a temporary feeling that can come and go. One day I can be faithful to my team, my spouse or whatever, but if something better comes along, my interest and faith shifts.

What is Faithfulness? – The dictionary definition
The dictionary defines faithfulness as the quality of being faithful. 
In light of this definition we must find out what it is like to be faithful. 

The dictionary defines being faithful as
· Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea; loyal. 
· Having or full of faith. 
· Worthy of trust or belief; reliable. 
· Consistent with truth or actuality:

As you can see none of these definitions conforms to what the worldview of faithfulness is. The world’s faithfulness is temporary, while God’s faithfulness to us is permanent. The Bible says in 

So what is faithfulness based on Galatians 5:22 I think in light of the rest of the passage Paul was striving for the idea of a Christian being firmly planted in the truth of the Gospel and being worthy
of trust

What is Faithfulness? – Paul’s Vision
Paul when writing to the Galatians wanted to stress the importance of a life built around a relationship with God. In light of this he first lets the reader know in Chapter 5:19 that if we follow our own inclinations, or a life that is not consistent with the truth we will have evil results: idolatry, lustful pleasure and the list goes on.

Paul then goes on to let us know that people who follow their own path will not inherit the Kingdom of God, why because God’s kingdom is built around the truth and as Christians we must accept the truth so we can be free. Faithfulness is accepting the truth and then adhering firmly to that truth as a devoted person of God. Paul notes that this Fruit is firmly rooted in the Holy Spirit. The reason for this is that without the work of the Holy Spirit we do not understand the truth and we do not exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit. 

Paul list contains faithfulness because it is an outward action of the first three Fruits, love, joy and peace. That which you truly love you will find the most, joy in, have the peace with and put the most faith in. Can you see how faithfulness ties the other Fruit of the Spirit together and how with the other Fruit of the Spirit faithfulness will naturally follow: Love in Christ, Joy in Christ, Peace in Christ, Patience through Christ, and the Goodness of Christ exhibited through us. 

Paul’s list then is a natural conclusion to the work of the Holy Spirit in us and is the truth at work as opposed to the illusion of truth that we have when we follow our own inclinations of a sinful heart. The Holy Spirit is the light our soul needs to see that which incarnate man cannot usually see.. 

What is Faithfulness? – What to do with it.
What then will you do with your faith? The answer is to exercise your faith. Expressing your faith is an inward but also an outward expression of your love, joy and peace in Christ. It is ironic that when we put our trust and faith in say a sports team, we wear their colors, praise their names and celebrate their victories, but for many Christians when they put their faith and trust in Christ you do not hear a word from them.

What is Faithfulness? – A couple parting questions
Where is your faith firmly planted? Don’t be to quick to answer think about each day of your life and what you do, then answer the question truthfully.

Do people see that you are devoted and have faithfulness in Christ?

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