#1001, Death

I can’t believe I’ve reached the end of this challenge. The 1001st poem. It’s been eye opening to do this. It also does not mean I will stop writing. Poems it just means I will alternate them between stories from now on.

The end does come

There is no stopping or delaying 

The inevitable 

You also can’t spend all you days

Trying to



Days of your life, instead

Live the days you have

In the best ways possible

#999, Passing

I find it hard 

When someone loses

A true love

To express in words

The comfort they need

Deep within their heart

You can’t say

I know what you’re feeling

When you truly don’t

You can’t ask

How are you doin’ today

When you know how they are

The best course

May be just to say

I’m here

I’m available 

Ready to do my part

#2 and 3, Long Black Train Parts 1 & 2

Part 1, One minute is life. The next… I remember the flashing lights, pain then…here. Sitting in a train station with about thirty others and a creepy dude in a dark robe.

“Excuse me…creepy dude. Where am I?”
“He doesn’t talk.” Said the bald man across the room. “We tried already.”
“Ok…do you know where we are?”
“We’re dead,” said a middle aged blond woman.
“Dead…how can that be? I mean I know how…but.”
I was interrupted by a long black train pulling into the station.
“All aboard,” said the creepy dude, “for Heaven and Hell.

Part 2, The creepy dude pointed at the long black train. The train to Heaven or Hell. My stomach lurched. I was dead. Which way would I be going? I hopped on the train following the old lady down the isle. I saw an empty seat and sat down. After a few minutes the train lurched and started to move.I looked out the window.

“Hey’d you see that?”
The old woman turned around. “Shhh”
“But it’s my life playing backwards. I saw how I died.”
The creepy dude ambled towards me. “Be quiet. Watch…it is important.”

#970, Miracles


I see miracles



In the small things which come with

Just being alive

A soft rain

A baby newborn

Floating clouds

A sea’s shore

The earth, the moon and the stars

Helping those in need 

A stray smile

A small sprouting seed

God shows us 

He’s still there 

In the miracles around

Take the time to look


Will truly be f