#410, Contentment

What is contentment

It is being satisfied

With what you now have

Not seeking more in your life

To replace the love you have

Content in your love

Is how I feel in my heart

Living day by day

Knowing I found the right person

To bring true joy to my heart

#397 Simple Songs

Simple songs are what i like

Simple songs with words so right

Simple songs that tell of love

True love

That we need more of

Simple songs with words 

I want to hear

Simple songs with words 

 i can draw near

Simple songs that i 

Want to repeat

Simple songs with a

Cool catchy beat

Simple songs

Simple songs

Whatever happened to

Those simple songs

The ones which i

Used to sing along

The words and the melodies

They touched my heart

As if they were written for me

Right from the start

Simple songs 

They no longer write

I think the songwriters

Have all lost sight

That the world needs

More simple songs