#181, The Dragon Part 13

They walked up the main thoroughfare of the town until they came to a small house tucked in between two taller buildings. It had a small yard in front and not much else. Liam’s mother put a key in the door and opened the door. They passed into a large atrium with a long hall leading to where Liam didn’t know. Liam stepped back out the front door. He looked at the tiny front of the house. “How?” He said to no one in particular. 

“How what?” Said a little voice below him. 

Liam looked down to find a gnome standing there in full battle gear. 


“Horace…names Horace. I’m the house’s security gnome.”

“Sorry Horace. I was just perplexed by how small the house is on the outside but how big it is on the inside.”

The gnome knitted his eyebrows together. “Do you not remember the warding spell?”


“Then the spell must be working. Well I don’t have time to chit chat. Appointed rounds you know…well I guess you don’t.” He turned and sprinted into the bushes

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#144, The Dragon – Part 12

They traveled for three days and three nights. On the fourth day they arrived in the town of Quaint. 

“What is this town?” Liam asked. 

“It is the town of Quaint. You were born here and grew up here…well at least until four years ago when your aunt decided to take matters into her own hands.”

Liam looked around. “How come I do not remember anything about this town?”

“The town has a warding spell which for certain people makes them forget they were ever here. You apparently are one of them.”

Suddenly a blond girl ran up and kissed Liam on the lips. Katar pulled away. Liam looked at the girl.

“I thought I’d never see you again.” She hugged him right. 

Liam looked at her. “I don’t want to appear rude but who are you.”

She pulled back. “I’m Kara…I was…maybe still am your girlfriend.”

Liam looked at his mother. 

She smiled. “We have to talk.”

Liam and his mother walked a short distance away.

“How come I don’t remember her?”

“The warding spell…remember?”

“Were we serious? I mean now I have Katar. I know we’re not together but it seems Katar has grown fond of me.”

“We’ll my son don’t worry Kara was more serious than you were. I guess she still is. As far as Katar goes all I can say is work it out.”

“Thanks a lot for such sound advice.”

“Hey, what are mothers for?”

They walked back over to where Katar and Kara stood about 10 feet from each other. Liam stood there and looked at each of them. Kara smiled at him while Katar turned away. “Dealing with dragons was a lot easier than this, he thought