#15 Thru 19 Five Tanka Poems

Tim Mossholder -Unsplash.com

The New Norm

Forget the new norm

I want the old normal back

It was much better

You could do what you wanted

Go where you wanted to go

The Beach

The beach is for those

Who frolic in the ocean

Seek a good sun tan

Look for seashells and driftwood

Or sit with toes in the sand

Marvel Movies

Marvel movies wow

All action and adventure

Some superheroes

Inside a so so story

Watching them makes me laugh

The Toilet

The round white toilet

Sits alone in the bathroom

Waiting for someone

To sit and feel their relief

So they can feel so renewed


Oh my pajamas

They are so soft and comfy

A pleasure to wear

I lounge in them day and night

Cause nobody really does care

#13, Tomorrow

Tincho Franco – Unsplash.com

See the setting sun

Over the ocean so black

Ending a long day

What will a tomorrow bring

A little of nothing so new

#5, Work From Home – A Haiku

Djurdjica Boskovic – Unsplash.com

Motivation lost

I work from a home centre

Career path on hold